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Videosave.org Downloader is a Facebook Video Downloader when you use it you can download unlimited videos from Facebook directly to your (iPhone, Android device, Pc or Mac)100% FREE.

It's very simple, just copy URL of video from Facebook and paste it in the search field above then click Download Button.

Facebook Video Downloader Features :
  1. Secured 100%.
  2. No registeration.
  3. No need to install any Software.
  4. Download & Save Videos at their quality with High download speed.
  5. Unlimited Downloads.

How to use Facebook video downloader?

  1. Copy video URL from your browser .
  2. Paste URL in the above text box area.
  3. Click "Download" Button. then Choose the quailty you need to download and save Video on your Device.

Where are Facebook videos saved on my PC?

Generally, all videos are saved under downloads folder and it is depended on your operating system (Windows or MAC) You can view the Browser's download history by the following tips:

  • Chrome:
    • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
    • Mac: Press [Shift + Command + J]
  • Firefox:
    • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
    • Mac: Press [Command + J]

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Yes,Once streaming is finished , you can download it.

Does Videosave save downloaded videos or take a copy of videos?

Videosave doesn't save any videos and all videos are hosted on facebook's servers.

Does Videosave.org needs any fees after some Downloads?

No limit to download, It's FREE 100%.

Facebook Video Downloader
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